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Hey all
I have a new blog with unlimited photo space...

here´s the link

love you

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A little Cordoba information:

Córdoba, considered Argentina´s cultural capital and home to most of it´s universities is a bustling city. It´s central location between the mountains, rivers and only about 700 km from Buenos Aires create an interesting city dynamic.

It was one of the first Spanish capitals and home to large Jesuit communities. The Jesuit Block (Manzana Jesuítica), a UNESCO site has buildings from the 17th century. A university is housed in these beautiful colonial buildings in the center of the city.

The city center is very busy with loads of banks, including CitiBank, and a few other US based banks; a variety of restaurants, endless boutiques, cafes, pedestrian streets, San Martin square, Jesuit Block (UNESCO site), museums, parks, etc.

The National University of Cordoba, "Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC)", is the oldest university in Argentina and second oldest in the Americas, founded in 1613 by the Jesuit order. It is the second largest university in the country, the other being University of Buenos Aires.

Judith and I are staying in "Nueva Cordoba" where large fancy shopping malls are located in addition to clubs, restaurants, supermarkets and a large university population. We are staying at a Hosteling International (HI) called Cordoba Hostel. It´s nice, with a great kitchen and wonderful location.


  • Alta Gracia, where I hope to visit tomorrow is located north of Cordoba, meaning High Grace. During the 1600s Alta Gracia was an estancia operated by the Jesuits (from Spain). Alta was a large farm that was intended to provide the agricultural needs of nearby universities. This was also home to Ernesto "Che" Guevara, an Argentine revolutionary during his adolescent years.....

See pics here, I cant upload more here as i´ve reached my limit for the month.

Lots of love

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So there was a transportation strike today, therefore I was unable to go to Che´s hometown. i cant upload any pics as i have reached my monthly capacity. we will see what i can do.

walked around town. had lunch in a park. had some yummy ice cream. hoping to go to alta gracia tomorrow- we will see if the buses are going again.

:) love

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Forgot my Camera cord

Cordoba, Argentina


Sorry everyone, forgot my camera cord, therefore cant upload the pics.

In Cordoba, arrived this morning-- toured the city today. Great city!
Going to Che´s hometown tomorrow, should be fun!

Promise to post pics soon!
love and adventure

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Mendoza, Argentina

sunny 0 °F

No pics today, packed up my camera cord as I am leaving for Cordoba here in a bit. Taking an overnight bus (my favorite) and as usual elected the ¨cama¨option (bed).

Walked around to take a look at the five plazas here in Mendoza today. Plaza Italia, Plaza Espana, Plaza San Martin, Plaza Chile, and the main plaza "Plaza Independencia"

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