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This one´s for Peter

Boy Scouts


saw this and thought of you... saw a group of kids crossing the street with similar uniforms to the us, minus the green pants. then i ran into this flyer and it explained everything.


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Feeling a bit better

Bariloche, Argentina

sunny 42 °F

alas, some pics!
my hostel here in bariloche "41 below"

pic of the mountains here, they´re beautiful!

lake Nahuel Huapi in Bariloche, Argentina

not the best selfy I have ever taken, but me in my ski attire

this is the bus to the mountains..

bariloche´s city center

I am feeling a bit better after yesterday. Went to the pharmacy and got some meds and ate the much needed chicken and noodle soup. taking it easy today, dont want to over exert myself and get worse again-

exploring a bit again.bariloche is quite beautiful. the pics dont do it justice.
planning to go skiing tomorrow if i´m feeling better.
love and adventure!

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Sick in a beautiful town

Bariloche, Argentina

So went to bed last night with a running nose, woke up this am I think with a cold+bronchitis=awful. So I didnt really ever get up today, just laid in bed. Still feeling awful, hope to get well soon.

Sorry still no pics, went to the same internet cafe. maybe a slew tomorrow.

going to the pharmacy to get something to make me feel better.

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Cerro Catedral: Bariloche, Argentina

sunny 40 °F

NO PICS TODAY, the computer wasnt allowing me to add them.

In other news, went skiing. Took the local bus up to the mountain with a Brit. She was a beginner skier, so I collected my equip and took the 6 person lift to the top. The view was amazing! From the top you see the lake and are surrounded by beautiful mountains and snow. I probably just stood at the top for about 5 minutes appreciating the view.

From there I hopped on a few blue runs to brush up on my skills. My rental equipment wasnt the best, but do-able for sure. The skies were blue and pretty clear.

Packed a small sandwich in my pocket and skied the right hand side of the mountain. Did a ton of blue runs, a few of the blacks.

It´s crazy where all of these people come from to ski here: Japan, UK (well all over Europe), US, etc....

The runs are pretty nice. Spring conditions for sure, a little wet at the bottom.

Midday I took a seat at one of the little eateries, but sat outside and ate my little sandwich... then hopped back on the skis and explored a bit more.

It started snowing on top this afternoon, which could be lovely for ski conditions tomorrow. After a day of skiing I grabbed a hot chocolate from one of the local chocolaterias (chocolate factories), they are all over Bariloche... for sure 2 things I love: skiing and chocolate!

Definately brushing up on my ski skills--- but doing good for the most part.

My hostel is great, very chill. Although, on another note snorers must follow me. That´s 2 hostels in a row that I have a had a snorer. Luckily, I remembered my ear plugs for situations like this.

Depending on the weather may go skiing again tomorrow, explore the left side of the mountain. It´s called Nubes, meaning clouds I think.

Regardless should be fun!
Love and Adventure!

pics to come

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San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina (Rio Negro in the Andes, Northern Patagonia Region)

sunny 69 °F

First off I have a few pics still to add from Buenos Aires.

My Hostel in the city center of Buenos Aires, Arg. It is a narrow climb up 4 flights to get to the reception, but the rooms were clean, with nice bathrooms. The showers had very hot water and good pressure. The breakfast was the basic jam and bread with tea or cafe.

My dorm room at V&S Hostel in Buenos, Aires. I stayed only one night before heading to Bariloche by bus....

I took Via Bariloche (an Argentine bus company) from the bus station "retiro" in Buenos Aires on a 20 hour venture through various little surrounding cities, dessert, and mountains to Bariloche.

I chose the cama option, which means that my seat reclined almost all the way back, food was included, and there was an attendant. the seats were similar to business class on an airplane.

I arrived at the main bus station about 15 minutes from the city center in Bariloche. I hopped a local bus to the center and walked a couple blocks up hill to "41 Below" a Hostel owned by a Kiwi. It´s nice. Includes the basics and should be a good jumping point for skiing at Cero Catedral (one of the most well known ski resorts in South America). mapaCATEDRAL.jpg

San Carlos de Bariloche is a city in the province of Río Negro, Argentina, in the Andes. Nahuel Huapi sits at the bottom of the hill in the city. It is surrounded by mountains and resembles any mountain town; complete with wood and stone buildings a laid back feel and lots of beer. In fact, Bariloche is also home to countless breweries- which I am quite excited to taste.

Well, off to explore a bit, have a beer, study spanish, and relax before heading off to ski tomorrow morning.
Love and Adventure

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