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Buenos Aires

La Boca, Puerto Madero

overcast 47 °F

Uploaded a few pics that I didnt include earlier... more to come.
from somewhere inflight

Tango, it´s everywhere- in the streets, they have tango bar, tango houses, etc. Tango is actually a musical genre that´s associated with dance. it orginated here in b. aires.

Yesterday in my venturing for a cell phone (quad band) so I can call my mama I came across Calle Florida (Florida Street). Here I felt as though I was in the shopping district of some european city--

Calle Florida is a pedestrian street that stretches to LaValle, Buenos Aires´other pedestrian street which hosts a multitude of movie theaters. Needless to say I just walked and explored, no shopping was had PLUS I felt a little underdressed as everyone seemed to be dressed in their best designer suit. But, Florida is nearby the local financial district. I have yet to explore the subte (subway). They have 5 lines that go throughout the city. the buses seem to be a bit more accessible.

Today I went with two Costa Rican travellers to La Boca, Puerto Madero, and in general walked around the city of Buenos Aires.

We started out at out hostel in the microcenter of Buenos Aires and walked a bit north to Av. 9 de Julio (Avenida 9 de Julio is an avenue in Buenos Aires, Argentina honoring Argentina's Independence Day. (July 9, 1816). This avenue has 6 lanes in each direction-- accounting for nearly one city block- Also I must mention that city blocks are larger in Argentina that the typically .10 of a mile in the USA. Crossing Av. 9 de Julio takes a few minutes to cross as thereire are lights at each intersection.)...

We had to catch a bus north of el centro (the city´s center) in order to get to La Boca with is southeast of where I am staying.

La Boca "the mouth" is an old colorful Argentine neighborhood. Italian immigrants settled this neighborhood--- it is a mix of working class and artists. Caminito is the famous street, meaning little path where colorful corrugated metal houses are found. Local artists display their artwork thoughout the barrio.

From Caminito we ventured to La Boca Soccer Stadium which was only a few blocks walk. La Boca Juniors is one of the biggest soccer teams in Argentina.... Diego Maradona played for them. We toured the "La Bombonera" (stadium) located in La Boca.

We hopped on a bus, which cost .90 ARG pesos (.30 US cents)....

We headed toward Puerto Madero. Puerto Madero is the riverfront district home to Argentina´s capital buildings in addition to other modern architectural trends. A pedestrian walkway lines Rio de la Plata= lots of shopping, cafes, restaurants. All the streets of Puerto Madero are named after women. The Puente de la Mujer (Women's Bridge), by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is the newest link between the east and west docks of Puerto Madero. Across the river you find several high rises, including 3M, Microsoft, etc.

Lastly, most Argentines smoke. I mean women, men alike.

Well, I am headed off to Bariloche in the lakes region or Patagonia. I am ready to get away from the crowed city into a little more wilderness.

Bariloche is called S. America´s Vail. I hope for a low key atmosphere like Vail, Colorado. Should be fun!

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First Class all the way to Buenos Aires

overcast 50 °F

so for those of you that havent heard I got first class. which is amazing! and let me mention how wonderful delta airlines is--- the flight attendants were so pleasant, maybe they didnt hate their job as much as us air.. that´s up for debate later.

my seat reclined completely, i had my own TV stocked with endless watching potential, my own AC, 3 course meals, unlimited wine (it was a cab from spain, yummy) mimosas, the whole deal. it was amazing. they also gave you this brown bag with socks, tolietries etc. it´s pretty amazing

got in safely to buenos aires... took a shuttle ¨manuel tienda leon¨from the airport to my hostel. staying at v&h hostel..

stopped in the airport to send a quick voicemail to my dear mama so she wouldnt have to worry herself grey.

i just got settled into my hostel, writing a quick note then I am off to explore a bit.

going to hit up south american explorers, get some cafe

staying in the ¨microcentro¨which is the center of the city.

and oh did i mention the traffic. no wonder why b.aires has the widest highway in the world-- eight lanes wide. i saw it. and even then traffic was backed up. although, it hasnt been the crazy hang onto your seats type travel i have experienced in other latin american countries.

B.Aires seems to have a large spanish influence based on their general dress.

a little chilly today....

love you all! keep reading

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Packing, Almost Ready


So there are still a few things I have to get together before leaving... my camera-computer cord; dramamine (target was sold out); load up my ipod; get my voltage converters

Other than that I am pretty much packed and quite proud of my minimalist packing--- this is quite the accomplishment....

This is crazy. Only a few more days than I am off to el sur (the south).

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