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Wine, Tall Mountains

Mendoza, Argentina



A few days ago we book a few tours to recommended things in Mendoza: a winery tour and Alta Montana. Judith (the German girl I met in Bariloche, Argentina) and I booked at Campo Base.

Yesterday we went to a few wineries, a sweets shop, and an olive producer. Argentina is the fifth largest in wine production in the world. Famed for it´s Malbec. Besides wine, olives and honey are a large Mendoza export.

We started out going to a mid-sized winery called Weinert wines. Bodega y Cavas de Weinert is located in Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina. German owner Don Bernardo C. Weinert, founded and continues to run this now international operation. There we tried 4 wines; i liked their 2006 Malbec the best.

Next was Bodega Cecchin, an organic winery. Again tasted and liked the Malbec.

In addition to wines, I tasted olives and olive oil at "Lau"
And chocolates, sweet liquiors, etc at a sweet shop

Today we took a tour to Cerro Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas, and the highest mountain outside Asia. It is nestled in the Andes only about 15km from Chile.
DSC04319.jpg Me
DSC04321.jpg Judith and I

We also went a few other places:
DSC04322.jpg Puente del Inca
It´s beautiful! Today was very sunny-- I GOT A SUNBURN (note: not a bad one, but got one).

Good couple days, enjoy the pics!
love and adventure!

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Wine and Sunny Weather

Mendoza, Argentina


Took AndesMar for the 17, which was actually 19 hour ride from mountainous ski town Bariloche, Argentina. Took the bus with a German girl named Judith. We arrived this morning and decided upon a hostel, Hostel Independencia which is nice but a little crowded and lacks some amentities... we are changing to winka hostel tomorrow night.

Mendoza is beautiful and seems to be a "green" city with lots of park areas, recycling containers everywhere and overall is well maintained. The streets are tree-lined with beautiful squares everywhere. It's prime wine country, and an all-seasons destination for climbers, hikers, skiers, rafters, bikers, paragliders, naturalists, trekkers, and etc.

Judith and I explored this massive beatiful park after walking throughout the town. Parque San Martin
is a forested park with a zoo, amphitheater, Cerro de la Gloria, rose gardens, a lake, camping spots, restaurants, stadium, running paths, soccer fields.....

the weather is warmer here because we moved north. walked around all day with a light jacket, how wonderful!
Here are a few pics.


going to a few wineries and to a mountain vista here tomorrow or the next day.
love and adventure!

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Off to Wine Country

From Bariloche to Mendoza, Argentina

sunny 32 °F

So backpackers in town kept saying the best view in town was atop hostel 1004. So I booked a night there, last night. The rooms were smaller, but the view from the balcony is fantastic. Sat and ate my cereal this morning looking at this beautiful view.


mountain towns I have come to conclude all have:
lots of chocolate
awesome views
similar architecture (combination of wood and stone)

Bariloche obviously fits the mountain mold. great skiing, fondue restaurants, local brews, chocolates,etc...
A bit sad to go, but ready to move on to the next place: WINE COUNTRY! yummy!

After breakfast took the bus to the bus station to buy my ticket to Mendoza for later this afternoon. It´s estimated to be about 17 hours, elected the cama option for my overnight bus. went with "andesmar"
leaving around 4pm (arg. time, 3pm Indiana). arrive tomorrow morning. should be an adventure.

lots of love! xoxoxo

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¡Buenas Vistas!

Circuito Chico (short route) through San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

sunny 33 °F

OH MY GOODNESS. I am in mere astonishment of the views from today. Today a Scottish Girl that is doing a round the world trip and I started out in the city´s center. I had done some talking with locals and asked what they would suggest we do around Bariloche before leaving--- everyone kept recommending "circuito chico"

So we caught local bus 20 and took it along the "circuito chico," well only part of the way as some of it is closed due to weather.

Circuito Chico is a scenic 65 kilometer loop following the lakeshore, winding through the mountains complete with fantastic vistas.

The views were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life: snow capped mountains, crystal blue glacial lakes= soooo pretty. Take a look for yourself...

we stopped at a park before catching bus 20, this is in bariloche proper

hotel llao llao. this was on the the route we took. we had a coffee here, it was normal prices but lunch was near 100 US dollars. needless to say didnt eat there. Llao Llao I have heard in the most expensive hotel in Argentina. It is built between Moreno Lake and Nahuel Huapi lakes. Originally built in 1938, but caught fire and then rebuilt sometime later. I felt like I wasnt in Argentina anymore....

Km 26. "Puerto Pañuelo" (Handkerchief Port), we only stood ashore, but here there are catamaran trips to Victoria Island, Quetrihue Port ("Arrayanes" Forest), Blest Port (Frias Lake and crossing to Chile through Lagos). It was quite windy here and I was curious how cold the water was so I stuck a finger in, my conclusion it was COLD!

Jeny (the scottish girl) and I at Puerto Pañelo

me in front of part of the Nahuel Huapi lake on the circuito chico, near Handkercheif Port

Took a selfie in front of Lake Moreno

here´s a pic from atop Llao Llao

another beautiful pic of the mountains

Further on would have been a little Swiss Village, but the road wasnt passable. so elected to take the loop back the alternative being a few more buses and a lot more time. Regardless, the sites were amazing!

Thinking about going to Mendoza tomorrow and forgoing my plan to ski again. There´s a ski resort up near Mendoza that I could try. Havent decided yet.

Mendoza is wine country in Argentina. I love wine!

Love, Beauty and Adventure!

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Chicken noodle soup+meds

Bariloche, Argentina

40 °F

chicken noodle soup

both much needed in order to feel better.

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